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My designs emerge from combining the structural qualities and fine balance of French instruments with the elegant style of the Italian.

Models adapted to each player

I make each double bass to order according to the needs and sensibility of the musician.

I offer a range of different sizes and shapes in my own style. All my master craftsman basses can be built with a removable neck.

Whatever the shape, size or style a musician chooses, I can guarantee an instrument with the sound qualities I have obtained through my research : clear and round, well defined, balanced, easy to play with a bow.

Charlie Haden
4/4 model 4/4 model 3/4 model
violin shape violin shape violin shape
string stop :
105 to 107 cm
string stop :
104 to 106 cm
string stop :
104 to 105 cm
Photo Models 012n Photo Models 001n Photo Models 008
Renaud Garcia-Fons Renaud Garcia-Fons
5 string 3/4 model 5 string 4/4 model 4/4 model
with less shoulder viol shape viol shape
string stop :
105 to 106 cm
string stop :
105 to 106 cm
Photo Models 005n Photo Models 005 Photo Models 001
Diana Gannett
5 string 4/4 model 3/4 model
viol shape with less shoulder
string stop :
105 to 106 cm
string stop :
105 to 106 cm
Photo Models 006 Photo Models 004

Some close up views

Photo Models 011Photo Models 007Photo Models 003Photo Models 009

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