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The workshop

I feel at home in my workshop…

This is where I build, repair, adjust my instruments and receive my clients.

My work ranges from dealing with the smallest problem on an instrument to doing major restoration work on rare and exceptional double basses.

Photo Workshop 003Photo Workshop 001

This is where I met the musicians who allowed me to discover the full potential of my role thanks to the confidence they placed in me.

For over 30 years I have built double basses of my own design for classical and jazz musicians from all over the world.

Photo Workshop 005Photo Workshop 006

Photo Workshop 004The wood

Spruce, maple, ebony…

Wood has an intelligence of its own and amazing qualities if one is able to listen to it and treat it with respect while understanding its strengths and weaknesses. The more I work with wood, the more I am surprised by its elasticity, its solidity, its reactive qualities and its capacity for sound.

I use wood which has dried naturally over 18 to 20 years.

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