Jean Auray Luthier - Double basses

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Photo Home 002Welcome to my site !

Through these pages I can take you on a virtual visit of my workshop

I will tell you about the way I see my work, the contribution I hope to make to restoration and the specific features I have developed in the double basses I make.

I will show you my different models and outline their sound qualities.

You will discover the answers which I have perfected to the problems which we face with the airlines and which will allow musicians to travel with their double basses - you simply take it apart and pack it in a Nanoo flight case ! Or you can travel extra light with a Fly Auray bass in a Fly Auray case.

You can read about “Jean the Moon-Boy” in my biography and browse through the comments of some of my musician friends who play my basses and who kindly offered their contribution to the site.

I hope you enjoy your visit… And perhaps we will meet some day in my workshop…


Jean Auray Luthier - 888 route de Riottier - 69400 Villefranche sur Saône - France